Welcome to the PNAmazon Sourceforge page. This is all I could come up with in 5 mins to get this thing started.

What is PNAmazon Product Browser? PNAmazon is a Module for PostNuke Content Management System that allows the visitors to browse Amazon.com's product catalog and then select to purchase them directly from Amazon. Hopefully in the process, the website owner makes 5-15% commision on those sales.

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What does PNAmazon do now? PNAmazon is in it's very early stages. I've written a prototype that can be seen on my site at DevManagers.com. Currently, it has a series of static categories that the user can select. It then retrieves 10 books from that category and the user can select next/previous to browse through the pages. Once the user finds a book they are interested in, they select that book and they are taken to a details page, which makes another call to Amazon.com via it's Web Service for the details on that book. If the user decides to purchase the book, they select it, and it takes them to Amazon.com with the website's associate ID for them to purchase. It currently also supports searching products

What is PNAmazon going to do? Who knows. Right now, I have plans for:

I need some help if you are willing and able. I currently need someone with PHP and design skills. I don't know if that's one person or multiple. If you are interested, post a message in the forums. I also need guidance and suggestions. If you have ideas of what would be good features for this module, post them in the forums. Let's flesh out the ideas and then let's add them to the feature list.

Availability: Please do not install this into a production environment. This is a prototype at the moment. But it has bugs. Hopefully we will have a stable release in the next month. If you have any questions, the forums the best place. However you can also send me a message through Sourceforge, user-id mjulson.